02 March 2012

Congratulations, education ‘reformers.’ You’ve lost another future teacher.
Aaron Regunberg writes about a would-be teacher having an encounter with reality. Perhaps someday someone will write about the original purpose of the Public Education system and why it needs so much 'reform'.
He's Back: Laffey's "Fixing America" screening riles the crowd. Did anyone see this? I wanted to but the date snuck up on me.
Rhode Island Sees Largest Spike in Uninsured Residents in the Country. Perhaps we need another, bigger government program to address this?

01 March 2012

Justin Katz: Cranston Police and Fire Retirees Receiving up to $900 on Holidays.
Anthony Gemma is selling his marketing firm Mediapeel Inc. to RI jewelers Alex and Ani.

More here.
Providence City Councilman David Salvatore claims his First Amendment rights were violated when he was fired from the General Treasurer’s office after co-authoring an op-ed on pension reform in the Providence Journal.
This one could get interesting. I'm surprised the Unions have taken as much as they have from Raimondo.
Dan McGowan: Bombshell Report Claims Sexual Harassment, Nepotism & Discrimination at City Agency. Bombshell? Around here we call that 'Thursday'.